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What is GmrPC.com about?

GmrPC.com is a website dedicated to researching and listing the gaming gear and PC setup of popular online gamers and streamers. We research the basic gaming gear (mouse, monitor, keyboard, …), the gaming PC setup (CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, case, …) and other equipment that is used for online streaming.

You should be able to find your favorite gamers on our site. Clicking on any item will bring you to an online shop where you can find a good deal. If you cannot find your favorite gamers, please contact us through the contact form and we'll consider adding him/her. Our goal is to be a complete and accurate resource of gaming gear and PC setups of popular online gamers and streamers.

Finding the best monitor or mouse for PUBG or Fortnite can be challenging and stressful. Having a gear or PC that isn't optimal can affect your gaming performance. You don't want that. A good strategy is to buy what the top guys are using. They know what equipment is good because they test many gaming configurations and cannot afford sticking with a bad one. They need that competitive edge.

Aren't most of the top players using sponsored equipment?

Professional teams do often have a gear sponsor. But they'll still use their own personal mouse choice when competing though. And popular online solo players rarely use and stick to sponsored gaming gear. These days, it's mostly given away to viewers. There are still rare cases of players being forced to use sponsor gear, even if they don't feel comfortable with the mouse shapes the sponsor has to offer, for example.

Can you guarantee that the information on GmrPC.com is accurate?

Serious (professional) gamers change their gear and PC setup all the time. Because it's certainly possible that some parts of our information are outdated for a short period of time. We're working constantly to keep our database complete and accurate.

If you happen to see something that is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us through the contact form. If a popular gamer is missing, please find us through the same medium. We really appreciate our very active and passionate community and it's in no small part thanks to those people that our website continues to provide a complete and accurate database of gamer and streamer specs.

How do you make money?

We do have bills to pay and would like to generate some revenue of course, so we use Amazon's Affiliate program to generate our income. Whenever someone clicks one of the links on our site and buys something from Amazon, we get a small percentage of that sale. It costs you nothing extra and it helps us to keep this website up and running.

What's special about GmrPC.com and how are you different from the competition?

An essential difference between our competition and us is that we share a large chunk of our revenue with the gamers listed on our site. Interested gamers can become a GmrPC partner and will receive 80% (or even 100% in the first month) of all the revenue generated through their page.

Not all online streamers are as big as shroud and Ninja, and some are struggling to make enough money to keep their passion going. We're passionate gamers ourselves and want to see all the players succeed in making their dreams come true. By offering an additional revenue stream, we believe we can help a lot of big and small online gamers and streamers. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Can I make money with this site if I'm not an online streamer?

Unfortunately, our program is only open to online streamers with an online following of at least 1.000 YouTube subscribers.

Why should I use GmrPC.com links instead of my own amzn.to links?

There are a few important advantages of using using GmrPC.com links instead of your own links on your social media and in your YouTube descriptions:

  • More visitors - You're also making money from our own visitors that happen to make a purchase online after clicking a link on your page.
  • Better geographic coverage - Amzn.to links only send visitors to the amazon.com site and not to local sites like amazon.de, amazon.co.uk, ... Our links do send visitors to the correct website, which will increase the earnings from international traffic.
  • Legal reasons - Both Amazon and the FTC require that you add 'Amazon - Commisions Earned' or '(PAID LINK)' disclaimers near your amzn.to links. We have these on our site, so it's taken care of when you link to our site.

Interested? Contact us via the contact form.

How can I become a GmrPC partner and make money with your site?

Like most of our competition, GmrPC.com will make money using affiliate links (through Amazon Associates), but we'll do a revenue share partnership with all the interested gamers. They will get 100% in the first month and 80% after that. The only requirement is that the gamer includes a link to their page on our site in their YouTube video description. Mentioning the page in the YouTube video or putting the links in other spots (like Twitch or Twitter) can boost the earnings more.

They'll not only receive revenue from their own YouTube viewers, but also from visitors that GmrPC.com is getting from other sources (like Google or Facebook).

Here's how it will work in detail:

Let's say shroud wants to partner with GmrPC.com. He puts up the required link to his page in his (new) YouTube video descriptions and optionally on his Twitch, Twitter, ... Visitors will come through this link on YouTube, but also from other sources like search engines and social media. GmrPC.com receives a commission whenever a visitor buys something from Amazon after clicking a link on our site. Shroud gets 100% of this revenue in the first month (paid once per month; NET15). From the 2nd month onwards, he gets 80% of the revenue generated by any clicks on his profile page. As long as he keeps putting the link in new YouTube videos, he keeps collecting the monthly revenue.

Are you interested? Please contact us through the contact form.