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Why do you need a 2nd PC for streaming like Toose?

You don't need two PC's to stream to be a successful streamer, but it does have 2 big advantages:

  1. Streaming is very intensive and the processing requires a lot of RAM and CPU power. When you offload the streaming to a 2nd PC, it means your gaming PC isn't affected by the streaming processing.
  2. Your stream stays live when something happens on your gaming PC, like a program or game that locks up, an unexpected Windows update or a blue screen of death. These annoying interruptions happen more than you think and it's very annoying when it takes down your stream too.

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Questions about Toose

Ilya 'Toose' Chernyshov is a player for Gambit Esports. He can also be found streaming on regularly.

Toose was born in Russia.

Toose was born on July 31, 2002 in Russia and is 18 years old.

Toose uses the Logitech G305 gaming mouse.

Toose uses the Sennheiser GAME ZERO gaming headset.

Toose uses the Acer Predator XN3 gaming monitor.

Toose uses the Razer Huntsman TE gaming keyboard.

For gaming, Toose uses a Intel Core i9-9900K CPU with a GPU.

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